The Greenest Hypocrites of 2007

3 Comments – December 6, 2007

Steven Milroy is the author of Junk Science which is a great site for exploring more information on scientific concepts, particularly on global warming. He also writes a regular column for Fox.

In this column, Steve itemizes the top ten greatest “green” hypocrisies. Personally, I think he is stretching on several of them – especially number 4 since it is impossible with today’s current technology to truly have a worldwide active discussion without physically being co-located. Yes, it is easy to get half a dozen people together online but getting hundreds together is simply a nightmare and not easily handled with today’s bandwidths.

Here is a quick overview of Steve’s worst 10 with some comments by me. Go to the original article here to read the full comments.

  1. Al Gores’s Inconvenient Lifestyle – this has been talked about on just about every blog and news story, including on this site.
  2. Google’s Sky Pig
  3. RFK Jr. Tilts at Windmills – at least RFK has the guts to have a real discussion on the global warming issue with someone that is not scared of his name. Check out this interview.
  4. The UN’s Bali High – not fair – see above.
  5. Nancy Nukes Nukes – how can we break away from coal and oil without going to nuclear energy. This one boggles me but then again Nancy is from California and California politics don’t seem to need to make sense.
  6. Every home a Superfund site? – CFLs are worse than the problem. Don’t buy them. In addition to Steve’s comments, see here.
  7. Doesn’t everyone own a NASA scientist? – I wrote about this one also. I have come to the conclusion that everyone is worried about special interests when those special interests are not the same as their own.
  8. Like a Virgin’s Carbon Footprint – I have railed against Live Earth for months. I am okay with global meetings like in 4 with Bali but throwing a party to stop something just doesn’t make sense to me.
  9. The NBC Poppycock – whatever
  10. California’s Hypocritenator – Arnold is a politician in California – see my comments on 5.

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3 thoughts on “The Greenest Hypocrites of 2007”

  1. tim maguire says:

    I have to take some exception to your exception in #4. They may have had to have a face to face meeting (a debatable point), but they sure as sh.. didn’t have to have it in Bali.

    The Bali conference wasn’t about Global Warming, it was about partying on a tropical island on somebody else’s dime.

  2. admin says:

    I probably wouldn’t defend Bali as the choice of destination but it is unlikely the difference in costs and energy used were that significant compared to any other global meeting location. Especially since the organizers would likely not choose a US location due to the US reluctance to sign Kyoto. The original article though was suggesting a ‘virtual’ meeting and that simply is not practical. Once you then decide to fly people all over the world, the location become less important.

  3. Birdzilla says:

    Al Gore flies to BALI to unload his bull kaka on america claiming were holding up this whole GLOBAL WARMING poppycock and he sure didnt use a hybrid to travel to the meeting place and to think he received two undeserved awards for his big fat lie those judges who awared him are no better they should lose their jobs

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