Ford hands over the plug-in Escape hybrid to SCE


AutoblogGreen – December 4, 2007

One of the big problems with hybrid vehicles is that they produce extremely expensive electricity and they do it while putting a great number of pollutants into the air.

Think about it.  You are burning gasoline (a fairly high energy fuel source) to spin a generator to charge a battery. The pollution controls must be small and light enough to fit on a moving vehicle and low cost enough to be affordable to a consumer. On top of that, the gasoline is very expensive source of energy (currently about $3 gallon). To put it into perspective, gasoline contains about 125,000 BTU per gallon while coal is only about 10,000 BTU per pound. The burning of coal at an efficient central power station captures far more of its energy capacity into electricity than the burning of gasoline as it moves down the road.

In order to really cut down on pollutants and more effectively use our precious resources, the world must adopt plug-in hybrids rather than the current smattering of hybrids on the market.

Ford has been working on plug-in hybrids (as are the other car companies) and just handed the keys to the first of 20 such vehicles to Southern California Edison. Let’s hope that this the beginning of a long and profitable program for Ford and that other such vehicles will be in our local dealership soon.

Representatives from Ford and Southern California Edison were obviously quite excited about a big event on Monday at EVS23, where Ford’s Sue Cischke (second from left), senior vice president, Sustainability, Environment and Safety Engineering and Nancy Gioia (right), director, Sustainable Mobility, drove up in a plug-in Ford Escape hybrid right to the doors of the Anaheim Convention Center. There, two representatives from SCE … took the keys to the PHEV, which marked the first of 20 such vehicles that Ford will give to SCE for in-fleet and (coming in the second year of the program) customer testing.

…information screen/computer, where Ford saw fit to include an input page where the driver can set the current cost of gasoline and electricity which then allows the vehicle to tell the driver how much each mile costs and the amount of fuel saved….

You can read the entire article here.

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