Australia Signs Up to Ratifying Kyoto


Associated Press – December 3, 2007

If you follow global warming news at all, you knew this was going to happen today.  The new Australian Prime Minister, Mr. Kevin Rudd, signed the Kyoto Protocol on his first day in office.  It is very telling that this was his first official act as Prime Minister and is sure to be used as a signal to the world on his belief in the human causation of global warming. It probably is also indicative of his relationship with the United States although that analysis exceeds the scope of this site.

This leaves the United States as the only wealthy nation that has not signed the treaty. The treaty is due to expire in 2012 and it may not have been coincidence that today saw the start of the conference in Bali for the discussion on the next phase of Kyoto.

New Prime Minister Kevin Rudd signed the paperwork Monday to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, making good on an election promise that will leave the U.S. isolated among wealthy countries in shunning the international global warming pact.

The dramatic step just nine days after Rudd was elected looked likely to send Australia’s standing soaring at international climate change talks that started Monday in Indonesia, and to intensify pressure on Washington to join the Kyoto framework. The Bali conference aims to launch negotiations toward a pact to replace Kyoto when it expires at the end of 2012.

[Former Prime Minister] Howard had steadfastly refused to ratify Kyoto, arguing that Australia would not agree to a pact setting greenhouse gas emission targets unless big polluters among developing countries such as China and India were also subject to binding targets.

You can read analysis of this news all over the web.  Here are a few interesting opinions:

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2 thoughts on “Australia Signs Up to Ratifying Kyoto”

  1. Dr. J says:

    This is no surprise and has little effect on saving the world and is just form without substance. Since Kyoto has been a failure at stopping CO2 (although useful in reducing GHGs) it is a dead issue anyway. The real question is what kind of damage the Bali meeting will do to the world economy and what benefit it will be to the world’s climate, my bet is very little to none on either issue.

  2. admin says:

    There is no question that Bali has the potential to cause a lot of conflict as it tries to work through this issue. I will try to give updates on this site as news starts to work out from the meetings.

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