Hydrogen: An alternative


CNN – November 9, 2007

No reading on this one.  It is a podcast from CNN.  If you don’t have an iPod, it doesn’t matter as you can listen to it on your computer.

As we grapple with ways to curb carbon dioxide emission as well as deal with the geopolitical problems of the world, it becomes obvious that we must find alternative ways to propel vehicles across the road.  Earlier this week, I wrote about GM’s Volt, which is an electric car.  Now here is an interview with a GM spokesperson that discusses the possibility of hydrogen fueled vehicles.

It is interesting that there is a prediction that in less than 10 years it will be possible to buy a hydrogen car and drive it across the country, refueling as required.  That could be an amazing turn of events for both the reduction of CO2 but also the reduction of reliance on oil from parts of the world that are politically turbulent.

GM is not the only one embarking down this path.  Several months ago, I wrote about Ford and their hydrogen program.

Enjoy the podcast.

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