Despicable sham!


A few days ago, several emails came across my screen about a new study that would prove that global warming WAS NOT caused by humans! Obviously, I was interested in this but luckily Marc Morano of the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee sent out an email blast that the study was a hoax.

Yes, this is the same Mr. Morano that is leading the charge to convince the world that human’s didn’t cause global warming. Why would he send out such a cautionary email?  I have never spoken to Mr. Morano but I assume it is because he knows that deception is never a good way to win an argument. It is up to everyone to try to defend their position on any issue but fabricating evidence is the wrong way to do it.  Congratulations Mr. Morano for taking the high road on this one.

I suspect I will hear from someone that Mr. Gore has been fabricating lies as well. He has not, at least not to the degree that this hoax was perpetrated. Yes, Mr. Gore is a politician and it really depends on how you define "lie" but I don’t think anyone can accuse the former Vice President of not being sincere in his concern for the environment.

Iain Murray over at wrote the best expose on this sham so I strongly suggest that you click over there and read his comments.  When you are done reading about the lies, if you are still interested, the false claims are here (although, now that I go to publish this article this site appears to be down – good riddance).

I guess this just proves that you really need to be cautious about anything that you read on the Internet – unless I wrote it here.  image

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