The Scientific and Social Challenges of Global Warming

LITA – October 6, 2007

This is an interesting overview of global warming and its social challenges. I think that the author has oversimplified the conversation to some degree and may have even extrapolated some events that may not be applicable.  For instance, it is very difficult to say that polar bears will be extinct in 40 years since we do not have a good understanding of the numbers of polar bears today. There does not appear to be multiple and repeatable studies that show that current polar bear population is even declining.

The author also says that hurricanes will be more powerful in the future due to global warming and multiple scientists have come out against that hypothesis. Once again, it does not appear that the facts support that claim.


Melting ice cap brings diamond hunters and hopes of independence to Greenland

The Guardian – October 4, 2007

While most people say that the increasing temperatures due to climate change (whether natural or man-made) will cause significant hardship for many, it appears that Greenland may get a boon from the change.

With the receding ice, many of Greenland’s natural resources are available for exploitation and the vast amount of fresh water on the large island gives them some unique opportunities for hydro-electricity as well as distribution of water.

Greenland is dependent on Denmark for its existence and this new found wealth may be the ticket that is required for them to become fully self governed.

I first read of this topic on psfk but the below comments come from its source, which is The Guardian.


The persistent role of the Sun in climate forcing

Danish National Space Center – March 2007

Once again, we find that the scientific understanding of our complicated climate is evolving. I repeat my call for more effort and concentration in this area of science since it appears that causality of climate change is not fully understood (comments by a famous politician not withstanding).

This study points out that there appears to be something missing between the causes of solar activity and other influences. When you see a claim such as "one can only wonder about the quality of the surface temperature record" then you start to question what is missing.

Yet over the past 20 years the solar cycle remains fully apparent in variations both of tropospheric air temperature and of ocean sub-surface water temperature.


Scientists question computerized climate-change models  – September 26, 2007

As anyone that has read this site regularly can attest, I am disappointed in the state of our technology when it comes to understanding and predicting our climate with computerized models.  I have repeatedly called for the dedication of more funds and more brain power on this problem. The entire global warming discussion is based on the use of computer models and it seems foolish to me that we should spend billions of dollars on preventing global warming when we can’t first spend a few millions to improve our ability to forecast and model the climate.