35 Inconvenient Truths: The errors in Al Gore’s movie – Part 5 of 5


This is the fifth and final installment of a 5 part series reviewing the comments of the Science and Public Policy Institute (SPPI) in regards to “An Inconvenient Truth” (AIT). I have already covered the 35 points in previous points so this one is strictly my thoughts and comments.

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So how did SPPI fair? Personally, I wish they would have been a bit more conservative in their claims. Several times they dinged Mr. Gore twice (or three times) for the same basic error. I tend to write this off as being over-zealous and perhaps trying to get a bigger number for the headline.

In some cases, Mr. Gore made the correct point but used the wrong story or example to illustrate his point. In other cases, I simply couldn’t find any reason to say Mr. Gore was wrong.

Overall, I think that the Science and Public Policy Institute found 20-22 errors in “An Inconvenient Truth”. There are several cases above where I gave them credit for pointing out the error but they gave the wrong reason, in my opinion.

So why did the Institute pile on and come up with 35? I don’t know. I know that as an organization they are against the entire argument for human induced global warming so their extreme stance probably tainted their thinking. I think they could have made just as strong of an argument against the movie with 20 rock solid issues rather than push it over 30 and make people question their motives.

A similar question could be asked of Mr. Gore and his producers. Why did they put out a film with at least 20 half truths and exaggerations? Once again, I don’t know. Similarly, they probably had an argument to be made and simply sticking with the facts was not good enough.

I am reminded of my old high school English teacher, Mr. Jordan. For my senior year (which my kids will say was during the last great ice age) we had to do a slide documentary of issues in our community. My buddy and I wanted to do it on the effects of addiction and wanted to show “staged” scenes to drive home the points. Mr. Jordan correctly scolded us and told us to never fabricate a falsehood just to make a correct point. If we couldn’t say that X causes Y, it didn’t belong in a documentary and instead was an entertainment piece. Mr. Gore discusses his childhood learning in the movie, perhaps he should have had Mr. Jordan for English.

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