Stossel Responds to RFK Jr’s "Liar" on Global Warming Charge


Yesterday, I posted a segment from 20/20 where John Stossel discusses global warming. I couldn’t find a clip where Robert Kennedy Jr. called Stossel a liar but I did find an interview where both men discussed this together.

Depending on your point of view, you could make the point that both men "won" the argument. In my opinion however, neither took the time to make a great case.  Mr. Stossel invited Mr. Kennedy to do a true debate and that is what I would have liked to see!

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2 thoughts on “Stossel Responds to RFK Jr’s "Liar" on Global Warming Charge”

  1. tim maguire says:

    I can’t listen to the whole piece (I’m at work), but there has to be a chutzpah award around somewhere for Robert Kennedy. To call corporations that oppose global warming measures “treasonous” while he opposes the Cape Wind project!

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