John Stossel: Video: Give Me A Break – Global Warming


I just found this on YouTube.  I have a sense that it is a little old since Mr. Stossel discusses this issue in his latest book that is already several months old.  This is a clip from 20/20. 

If you are a relatively frequent visitor to this site, you have likely heard all of this discussion before but Mr. Stossel can put these types of stories together better than most, in my opinion.


I apologize if this material is copyrighted but I am not actually copying it to this site – the actual content is still hosted on YouTube’s servers.


2 thoughts on “John Stossel: Video: Give Me A Break – Global Warming”

  1. Sandi says:

    10 years ago in college, I did a report on Global Warming and how it could be a natural cycle of this planet. I used common known facts such as the Ice Ages and their subsequent warming periods to support my theory. Not to mention the fact that historical temperature have only been documented for the past hundred years. I am not a scientist, but am a semi-intelligent person who does not fall prey to the political hype. I do not have the access to all the data that the scientists do, but twenty years ago, I did have access to a report of what makes up smog in California. And carbon dioxide was the third highest contributor, not the highest as has been published. It was just the only one that man has the ability to manage somewhat.

    This whole global warming debate sounds a lot like past debates such as ‘The sun revolves around the Earth” or the ‘Earth is Flat”. Only actual full disclosure and time will tell which side is correct. But the fact that one side is not even willing to discuss another possibility is pretty telling. The ‘deniers’ are not denying the possiblity of Global Warming or the possibility that man maybe increasing the rate, but rather the position that global warming is here due to Man and that our current path will destroy the world. And I would love to know who the well funded machine is so that I can get in on the money!

  2. Joe Winkelmann says:

    In the 50’s it was Global Cooling!

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