Global Warming: Scientists, Cynics, and Conservatives

0 Comments – October 8, 2007

This is a very interesting discussion. The article first starts out on a religious note but the root of the argument that the author is trying to make does not fall into religion but rather discusses responsibility. He also tends to fall right into the middle of both sides which is the stance of this site.

The article discusses the lack of credibility of former Vice President Al Gore. The author correctly points out the great accomplishments that Mr. Gore achieved while in the Senate and his sponsorship of various communication programs. These programs led to today’s internet and also led Mr. Gore to exaggerate his claim on the birth of the internet. This same over-exaggeration is evident in Mr. Gore’s current film where he shows New York City under water.

The author then points out errors on the other side in a film that has been ridiculed by many for its over-exaggeration and inaccuracies.

We need both sides of this argument to create good, fact-based arguments. Take away the over exaggerations and the scare tactics.

Sometimes we forget that it may be necessary for us to create good answers to complex problems instead of simply cursing the darkness. We need to be the people lighting candles of hope and understanding and leading the way to a sensible future.

Environment zealots, like political ideologues never come up with good solutions; they advocate their position as though it were a new religion or faith.

Surprisingly, there is a place of agreement for those who believe in global warming and those who do not. The next president will have to make major changes in America’s energy policies. There is a key problem with continuing our dependency on fossil fuels – our addiction to foreign oil must be decreased. We have been “tithing to terror,” as one scientist put it, by allowing 17% of our oil to come from foreign sources. Changing fuel sources will simultaneously increase national security and help appease the cry of environmentalists.

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