The Soros Threat To Democracy


Investor’s Business Daily – September 24, 2007

This article is a commentary, so obviously we need to take all of the accusations with a bit of a grain of salt. While it did appear in a major daily newspaper, it doesn’t have to withstand the same levels of care that a news article needs.

The article covers George Soros, the wealthy benefactor to many political causes. The reason that I am writing about it is due to one of its claims: James Hansen received money from a Soros group. James Hansen, as you may remember, works for NASA and is one of the primary influencers in the discussion of global warming. His works and speeches are cited throughout the web and if you do a search in the Search box on this site, you will see him referenced often.

I actually don’t have a big problem with this. Most scientists need external funding to do their work. That is a fact of life and is probably better than governments doing all of the funding since that has potentially evil consequences. My biggest concern is if this funding has been secret until now. That is a major problem! According to the article, this funding has been secret until the latest financial revelations of the Soros’ organization in question. Why didn’t Hansen admit he was being funded in this way?

There has been heat lately on several oil companies, automobile companies, and utilities that they shouldn’t fund research in climate change. That is ludicrous! To quote an old folk saying, "What is good for the goose is good for the gander." As long as this funding is publicly acknowledged by the scientist when they write their papers and give their speeches, I say this is all fine.

The commentary also alludes to some wrong-doing by Dr. Hansen in his dealings with NASA. I think this is an internal NASA issue but I would like to see some statement from them that Dr. Hansen did or did not break their rules.

How many people, for instance, know that James Hansen, a man billed as a lonely "NASA whistleblower" standing up to the mighty U.S. government, was really funded by Soros’ Open Society Institute , which gave him "legal and media advice"?

…Soros’ flagship "philanthropy," by as much as $720,000, most likely under the OSI’s "politicization of science" program.

Hansen even succeeded, with public pressure from his nightly news performances, in forcing NASA to change its media policies to his advantage. Had Hansen’s OSI-funding been known, the public might have viewed the whole production differently. The outcome could have been different.

You can read the entire article about Soros here.

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