Climate shift is biggest security risk: Australia


Reuters – September 25, 2007

This is an interesting analysis and brings on many dark fears. The thought that changing climate will lead to reasons (excuses) for countries to declare war is quite concerning. There is no doubt that this is at least partially true. When a country has a disgruntled population there really are only two options: fail as a government or take significant steps to change the situation.

Of equal concern is that in the process of suffering, individuals will take it upon themselves to move to another area of the world where the suffering is not as tremendous. This will lead to other problems that can occur whenever there is a mass exodus.

Climate change, not war or terrorism, will be the century’s biggest security challenge with China unlikely to be able to feed its vast and growing population as a result, Australia’s top policeman has warned.

With predictions climate shift could slash agricultural output in Asia, and bring more droughts and flooding, climate refugees "in their millions" may be on the move within decades, Australian Federal Police Commissioner Mick Keelty said.

"We could see a catastrophic decline in the availability of fresh water. Crops could fail, disease could be rampant and flooding might be so frequent that people, en masse, would be on the move," Keelty said in a speech late on Monday.

"In their millions, people will look for new land and they’ll cross borders to do it," Keelty said.

Police, Keelty said, would struggle to cope with the impact of global warming and should be involved in the regulation of emerging carbon trading schemes, which could open the door to corruption on a massive scale.

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  1. Scott says:

    But what about thawing ice allowing vast tracts of frozen Siberia to be farmed, reducing the threat of a re-emergent Russia focusing its rage outward to distract its populace from the internal problems?

    Ref: the Medieval Warm Period’s prosperity.

    And can’t resist:

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