New Times Atlas displays effects of climate change


Breitbart – September 3, 2007

There is no doubt that weather changes the topology of Earth’s surface. This article makes the claim that the most recent changes include those caused by climatic change. This is interesting although probably impossible to truly prove the causality. While there is no doubt that the evolving climate has change the article does not make the claim that it is due to the efforts or non-efforts of the human race.

Creators of the Times Atlas have had to make significant changes to their latest edition because of changes to the world’s landscapes caused by climate change….

Cartographers have had to redraw coastlines and reclassify types of land to reflect changes to geographical features like Lake Chad in Africa, which is now 95 percent smaller than it was in 1963.

Some of the changes are influenced by irrigation schemes, like the Aral Sea in central Asia which has shrunk in size by three-quarters in the last 40 years as waters have been diverted to help a cotton-growing scheme.

The original article is relatively short, click through to read the entire document.

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