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Starbucks Planet Green Game

I recently took the Starbucks Planet Green Game.  I advise it for anyone that wants to understand what they can do to save energy and use our resources more efficiently.  Regardless of your stance on the issue of global warming, we can probably all agree that we need to use resources more appropriately.

It was an enjoyable fifteen minutes so please take the time.

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One Response to “Starbucks Planet Green Game”

  1. Here are some more thoughts on the Planet Green Game from my blog

    A fellow Renegade just sent me a link to Starbucks PlanetGreenGame. I gave it about five minutes of playing time managing after three attempts to successfully balance fuel and speed to complete a test drive, finding 10 out of 12 ways to fix a not so green house, and visiting a Starbucks which asked for my eco-priorities and suggested I bring my own cup the next time I visit a real Starbucks. I also earned two global solution credits (of a total of six available) and learned about green architecture solutions in Germany and the Energy and Climate Change Strategy instituted by South Africa. All in all, it was time well spent and if the US Open Finals wasnt about to air, I suspect it would have received a little more of my attention. (Note: Watching Federer play supersedes any online game however virtuous.)

    Starbuck hopes that the greener they get, the more coffee they will sell. And so they should. Thus far traffic to has been modest (Alexa ranks it at 645,826 with daily page views in the low thousands). Perhaps if more people take the time to play the Planet Green Game they will indeed be enlightened about the need for immediate action of both the big and little variety. Fortunately, this is but one of many genuine efforts by Starbucks to be a good corporate citizen, to do well by doing good. In combination, all these efforts makes me feel better about forking over four bucks and change for my Iced Grande Soy Chai Latte twice a week (whether I need it or not!).