Hundreds pose naked on shrinking Swiss glacier


Reuters – August 19, 2007

There is nothing like the naked body to draw attention to an issue. Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame learned a long time ago that the naked body was good for business and it even allowed him to put out articles that were worth reading (allowing the quip: “Honestly dear, I just get it for the interviews”).

This article talks about an activist that organized several hundred people to stand and lay naked along one of the Swiss glaciers that is shrinking. The activist, Spencer Tunick a member of Greenpeace, has organized this type of effort before. It undoubtedly is working since it was picked up by Reuters and reprinted in hundreds of other locations (including here).

I have done analysis on the temperature changes in other locations where there are claims of shrinking glaciers only to find that the temperature in that area was going down, not up. I don’t have time today to do this analysis but will post it if can squeeze it in.  You can read that article and my calculations here: Global warming melts Andean glaciers toward oblivion

It may also interest you to read this analysis about the shrinking glaciers of Kilimanjaro.

I have posted one of the pictures here as well but I shrunk the size to avoid offending anyone’s sensibilities. If you want to view several images of the event, you can click on the picture below.

Hundreds of people posed naked on Switzerland’s shrinking Aletsch glacier on Saturday for U.S. photographer Spencer Tunick as part of a Greenpeace campaign to raise awareness of global warming.

Glaciers are sensitive to climate change and have been receding since the start of the industrial age but the pace of shrinkage has accelerated in recent years.

Alpine glaciers have lost about one-third of their length and half their volume over the past 150 years. The Aletsch ice mass has retreated by 115 meters (377 ft) in the last two years alone, said Greenpeace.

Switzerland has about 1,800 glaciers and almost of them are losing ground.

Greenpeace said if global warming continues unabated, most glaciers will disappear from the Earth by 2080.

You can read the entire news article here and I know that it is posted on other locations as well.

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