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Starbucks is hosting a discussion day on August 15 to discuss climate change.  I am a little skeptical that this may be nothing but an opportunity to push their new film but it could be interesting for some out there. I hope that it is a real conversation as opposed to a “convert” that has no depth of knowledge.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend any of these sessions.  My work schedule will have me pretty far from any of the sites that are hosting this conversation. If someone attends and can write some notes, I would be interested in linking to your thoughts or posting them here.

You can find the list of locations here.  There is a PDF file that is linked on this site but I was unable to access it due to a file corruption error – hopefully they fix this link by the time your read this.

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2 thoughts on “Arctic Tale – Solutions to Climate Change: Be a part of the conversation”

  1. You should check out my simple greenhouse model. If you are truly undecided about this issue, my engineering approach might be right in your alley.

    For me the big problem has been how to assess the reality of this thing as I would any physical phenomenon I have to deal with. After all, Mars has an atmosphere with a partial pressure of CO2 on the order of 5 millibar, compared to about 0.4 millibar on Earth, yet has no large greenhouse effect like Earth or Venus.

    The greenhouse effect on Earth is real and it is significant, and one can use back of the envelop engineering approximations to get at the effects. If you do check out my website, send be an email.


    Mike Alexander, chemical engineer

  2. Rob D. says:

    While it’s great to have more discussion and debate on the issue of global warming, I can’t seem to get past the fact that Starbucks is attempting to turn a profit on a movie that raises awareness about global climate change while they still don’t have a corporate recycling progam!

    more here:

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