Academic challenges global warming theory


ABC Western Queensland – July 6, 2007

Much of the science of this article has been discussed other places on my site but I think the most significant statements are when it comes to carbon credit trading.

I don’t think that carbon trading makes sense and I am also not sure that it even works. Most carbon trading programs are tied to growing plants but, inevitably, those new plants will die and the process of decay releases much of that CO2 back to the atmosphere. So unless the carbon trading system takes into account the full carbon lifecycle, the system is not effective.

The other source of carbon trading is to have a company that is not making a quota buy credits from a company that is ahead of making a quota and by doing so “averages” their mutual contribution. This would only work if the two companies were in the exact same industry and in the same region of the world. This way a company that writes software for a living couldn’t sell its credits of being below a contribution factor to a utility industry that would have a difficult time making that same number. While that example may be extreme, it is important to introduce parity into the discussion of carbon trading, for without it will be a farce.

An Australian academic has spoken out against the popular view that global warming is caused by greenhouse gas emissions. He believes that global warming and climate change are caused by cycles in the sun’s electro-magnetic radiation. He says scientists are taking a narrow view and politicians are making policy with the wrong information.

The professor is adamant that the concept of carbon trading is absolute madness. “What terrifies me is the way the state governments in Australia with their emissions trading they are contemplating using the superannuation funds to invest in carbon trading – they’re going to lose their money!”

He says governments are getting tied-up with carbon trading for commercial and political reasons – not scientific reasons.

He said a lot of the business of carbon trading and global warming is just a popular delusion. He refers to a book written by Mackay in the 1840s called “Extraordinary popular delusions and the madness of crowds”. “We’ve got it now… he could se it 150 years ago – the crowd is mad!”

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  1. Janette Bad says:

    This is very interesting. I don’t believe we will be able to rely on fossil fuels for much longer. Check out my blog about Solar power, I write about things like this in depth.

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