Rapid rise in global warming is forecast

Times Online – May 18, 2007

The oceans are the biggest sink of carbon dioxide.  The ability for them to absorb CO2 is a topic that is discussed often in the scientific periodicals.

This article covers a scientific study which concludes that the oceans are slowing down in the absorption of CO2 gas. This is a danger as CO2 is one of the greenhouse gases and if its concentration increases too dramatically there could be more heat captured into the atmosphere, increasing the temperature of the globe.

The oceans are losing the capacity to soak up rising man-made carbon emissions, which is increasing the rate of global warming by up to 30 per cent, scientists said


Local scientist calls global warming theory ‘hooey’

The Capital Times – June 18, 2007

You don’t see too many articles that include the word “hooey” in the title! This is a pretty strong statement and I would be inclined to not discuss it except that this guy is a superstar in the field of weather study. Dr. Bryson is known as the father of climatology, so whatever he says on the subject of global warming needs to be understood.

The article is basically broken up into two parts.  The first part is a fairly candid conversation with Dr. Bryson and the second part is more background information on the current status of the trends in climatology with a quote or two that says that Dr. Bryson is wrong.  I welcome this approach since it tends to balance the viewpoint although I fear that it does diminish the importance of the thinking of Dr. Bryson.


Global warming may save the snows of Kilimanjaro

This is a very interesting blog entry. I haven’t been able to find further evidence of the claim aside from the CNN story that the blog references. Rather than quoting the CNN story though, I thought it was more interesting to read the thoughts of the author of the blog especially since the title of the blog is “Classically Liberal” but the stance is not typical of a liberal in the US political scene.

The author begins by describing multiple references to snow disappearing on Kilimanjaro but then proceeds to ridicule these references by citing the CNN story. For the purposes of this entry, I will focus on the new claims and leave it to you to click through to the entire treatment.


Evangelicals Debate Differing Views on Global Warming

CNSNews – June 1, 2007

I am not sure why this discussion even happens.  Actually, I do know but it is frustrating. In my opinion, the subject of global warming, it’s causes and effects, should be discussed by scientists not politicians and definitely not by religious theologians (and probably not bloggers). 

But I am a blogger and obviously I am discussing it.  Why do I have the double standard? Simple – the cat is out of the bag. The discussion of global warming is a top headline almost every night.  Do a Google News search and you will get dozens (hundreds?) of articles published everyday.


Administration pushes market-based plan for global warming

San Jose Mercury News – June 1, 2007

This is a difficult situation. I really don’t want to condemn having a carbon trading program but the reality is that what we have today is not well done. If we are going to trade emissions, it needs to be extremely verifiable, under penalty of law with huge financial loss, and that the trades actually reduce the pollution of the atmosphere.

I suggest that these programs be held to the same standard that the SEC runs. In fact, I see nothing wrong with the charter of the SEC being expanded to govern this type of effort. The trading of emissions should be held on the books of public companies and it would need to be proven that the trading partner really had something to trade. If, after audit by a 3rd party, it was found that the value of the trade was less than the company accounted for then they would have to pay a penalty.


CB Richard Ellis plans to go ‘green’

Cincinnati Business Courier – May 31, 2007

This is interesting. A developer that primarily delivers facilities to businesses is going to reduce their environmental impact.  They say they will save money in the process which begs the question, if it is cheaper to be Green than Brown, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Carbon neutrality is a phrase that probably doesn’t mean a whole lot to the average person, but $30 million in cost savings sure does.

That’s a key reason why CB Richard Ellis Inc., a national commercial real estate firm with a Tri-State presence, is launching an initiative to reduce and eventually eliminate its dependence on carbon dioxide-producing energy throughout the 1.7 billion square feet of building space it manages worldwide.


Global warming causes frog extinctions

Plenty Magazine – May 23, 2007

This is a sad article if it is true. Evidently several species of frogs have become extinct and some scientists believe that this extinction was caused by global warming. While I am well aware that certain amphibians (esp. frogs) are very susceptible to changes in their environment, I am concerned that this article does not live up to the burden of proof.

A few of my concerns:

  • Global warming should be more accurately termed “Northern Hemisphere Warming” since much of the measured increase was in the northern half of the planet. Costa Rica is very close to the equator – what was the increase in temperature for Costa Rica in the last 50 years? We really do not need to worry about average global temperatures if we are discussing the effect on a species that is very local.


China Power Plans Biggest Corporate Renewables Investment

TreeHugger – May 9, 2007

Interesting article about some of China’s development of alternative energy sources. While this is a welcome development it still pales in comparison to their massive increase of fossil fuel energy sources. It is hard to be upset with China on this progress though. How can the developed countries of the world (USA, Canada, most of Europe) condemn China for increasing their production of pollution when everyone else did it unabatedly over the last 150 years. Condemning and hamstringing China (India, et. al.) I am reminded of a saying that my children often said when they were younger – 1 finger pointed at me, 1 finger at the devil, and 3 fingers pointing back at you.


Getting personal on global warming – April 29, 2007

Okay, I admit it.  I am a relative softy. I read this personal editorial by a college sophomore and I felt a little pride in our human race. Not that I agreed with everything she said (more on that later) but simply that she was being active in her community and doing her best to understand and communicate a position. I think if more people thought intensely on a certain issue and took a position, the world would be a better place.

All that being said, I would like to point out a few things in her otherwise excellent article that bother me.


How to Talk to a Climate Skeptic: ‘Climate scientists dodge the subject of water vapor’

Gristmill – December 24, 2006

Gristmill has put a series of articles and for the most part they are excellent.  I suggest you read all of them.  This article is also very good although it does have a few items that, while not untrue, do not completely discuss the issue. I am sure that the author knows better but I wanted to point the incomplete statements.