Russia knows how to prevent global warming – academic


Novosti – May 30, 2007

I need to file this article in the Ridiculous category. I am aghast that anyone would consider the idea that adding more pollutants to the atmosphere would be a solution for pollutants in the atmosphere.  Doesn’t this fall into the field of 2 wrongs do not make a right?

While there is little doubt that adding aerosols to our atmosphere would cool it. The idea of polluting the environment in order to continue polluting the environment is borderline disgusting.

I am reminded of the old margarine commercials from years ago – it is not nice to mess with Mother Nature.

Russian scientists have found a way to prevent global warming of the Earth, the director of the Global Climate and Ecology Institute said

…the method envisions air spraying of a sulfur-containing aerosol in lower stratosphere layers at a height of 10-14 kilometers (six to 10 miles). Sulfur drops would then reflect solar radiation.

According to scientists, one million tons of aerosol sprayed above the planet would make possible a reduction of solar radiation by 0.5-1%, and a reduction of air temperature by 1-1.5 degrees Celsius.

You can read the rest of the article here and decide for yourself if this is Ridiculous.

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