China Power Plans Biggest Corporate Renewables Investment


TreeHugger – May 9, 2007

Interesting article about some of China’s development of alternative energy sources. While this is a welcome development it still pales in comparison to their massive increase of fossil fuel energy sources. It is hard to be upset with China on this progress though. How can the developed countries of the world (USA, Canada, most of Europe) condemn China for increasing their production of pollution when everyone else did it unabatedly over the last 150 years. Condemning and hamstringing China (India, et. al.) I am reminded of a saying that my children often said when they were younger – 1 finger pointed at me, 1 finger at the devil, and 3 fingers pointing back at you.

As China chases the US for the title of world’s biggest consumer for everything from timber to energy—and with “biggest CO2 producer” already in the bag—no one doubts the need for lots of renewable power. While the government’s been revving up its cleaner engines for a couple of years, state-run China Power International’s announcement on Monday of a 30 billion yuan (US$3.1-US$3.9 billion) investment in renewables heralds the country’s biggest single such investment by any company, Chinese or not.

China has said it intends to spend an estimated US$200 billion on renewable energy over the next 15 years, partly to build hydropower, wind- and solar-powered plants to fuel its growth.

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