Global Warming Linked to Rainier Forecasts?


KCBS – June 1, 2007

Just a quick post on a lazy Sunday morning. My only comment on this article is that once again we find that our climate models are still evolving and here we have another study/model that says that some of the old models may not be correct.  I sound like a broken record but we really need to spend more time and money on this part of computer technology so that we have more comfort that we are getting this right.  Every time I read about a scientist that says “My study shows that our old understanding was incorrect in this one area” I cringe that there are politicians in this world that want to levy gigantic taxes based on these “conclusions of the month”.

In a move that turns current theories on their head, some Santa Rosa researchers say global warming could mean more rain than expected.

“We’re finding more of a number like 6%, 6.5% [of rainfall increase] for each degree of warming,” explained Frank Wentz, a physicist with Remote Sensing Systems and coauthor of the new report.

Wentz’s team analyzed satellite measurements of planetary changes in humidity and rainfall for the last 19 years. Unlike earlier studies, they found that global rainfall and humidity rise at about the same rate.

You can read more of this article here.

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