How Farm Odors Contribute to Global Warming: New Research Happening in NYS

WETM – June 27, 2007

I know that others are taking a more cynical view on this legislation (see this blog and that blog and another blog) but I think this is wise money.

I have commented before on methane and its ability to add to the greenhouse effect.  It is only logical that we would spend money to research this area and see how we can control it. In fact, it may be a better investment than trying to control the carbon dioxide pollution in the environment.

The United States Department of Agriculture has released reports stating that when you smell cow manure, you’re also smelling greenhouse gas emissions.


Three Quarters Believe Global Warming A ‘Natural Occurrence’

Life Style Extra – June 26, 2007

Interesting survey although it doesn’t appear to be a scientific study since it states that it is an online poll.  Therefore, take it with a grain of salt that this study is overly influenced or has had double voting.

ALMOST three quarters of people believe global warming is a ‘natural occurrence’ and not a result of carbon emissions, a survey claimed today.

The online study which polled nearly 4000 votes found that a staggering 71 percent of people think that the rise in air temperature happens naturally.

And 65 percent think that scientists’ catastrophic predictions if pollution isn’t curbed are ‘far fetched’.

You can read the entire article here.


Climate Changes Are Making Poison Ivy More Potent – June 26, 2007

This is very believable.  The scientists in this article were able to do a lab study of poison ivy plants in a very controlled environment.  They compared the reaction of poison ivy in a control atmosphere of “normal” carbon dioxide in the 1950s to today’s CO2 levels.  The result was a more aggressive ivy with greater hardiness, size and allergenic properties.

The study doesn’t mention other plants that have received this CO2 boost but it is plausible that we will see this.  Interesting conclusion is that the greater growth rates of plants may mean that the CO2 will sink out of the atmosphere more quickly.  This is purely conjecture on my part.


Russia knows how to prevent global warming – academic

Novosti – May 30, 2007

I need to file this article in the Ridiculous category. I am aghast that anyone would consider the idea that adding more pollutants to the atmosphere would be a solution for pollutants in the atmosphere.  Doesn’t this fall into the field of 2 wrongs do not make a right?

While there is little doubt that adding aerosols to our atmosphere would cool it. The idea of polluting the environment in order to continue polluting the environment is borderline disgusting.

I am reminded of the old margarine commercials from years ago – it is not nice to mess with Mother Nature.

Russian scientists have found a way to prevent global warming of the Earth, the director of the Global Climate and Ecology Institute said



Earth Observatory – May 30, 2007

This is an article about NASA’s recent trip to Greenland to check on the “health” of the glaciers that cover much of that island. This is a regular activity of these scientists as it allows us to monitor the thickness and the flow of the main glaciers. This year they also added new devices to their repertoire.

A NASA-led research team has returned from Greenland after an annual three-week mission to check the health of its glaciers and ice sheet. About 82 percent of Greenland is made up of a giant ice sheet.


Wanna Pay $7 a Gallon? – July 2, 2007

First of all, I am not making up this date above.  I know that it is not July 2 yet but that is the date on the article.  I believe the date is representative of the issue of the printed magazine (and we all know that these dates are wrong).

This article by Jerry Flint, a man that has been covering the automobile industry for decades, points out that the only way to aggressively solve the carbon dioxide problem with changes to autos is a dramatic and painful tax. He explains that in many cases the cure may actually be worse than the sickness.  This is similar to my personal feelings except that I  temper his statements by stating that if the science was rock solid, it would probably be worth the investment but if the science is not rock solid, the risk of catastrophe from the cure is almost surely 100% and therefore is probably not justified.


Laugh a little with Dilbert

Scott Adams, the creator of the wonderful comic strip, Dilbert, just did a short series on global warming.  Regardless of your feelings on Dilbert, you should get a laugh out of one of these.

Scott does this as a living so I am not going to cross post the images here.  Instead, please click through to the links below and enjoy.  I have no idea how long these strips will be in place so click quickly!

June 18

June 19

June 20

June 21

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With Corn Prices Rising, Pigs Switch To Fatty Snacks – May 21, 2007

There is a much greater demand for corn with the increased demand for ethanol. This demand has had a dramatic impact on the cost of corn and has made it too expensive for some ranchers to use corn to feed their livestock. Instead, they appear to be using over-supply of food that is traditionally used for humans.

This, of course, begs the question as to the USA’s ability to effectively produce ethanol. If we are using our food to power our cars will that significantly hurt the poorest people in our nation, not to mention our exports to foreign lands that are impoverished.


Read the sunspots

Financial Post – June 20, 2007

As those who read this site regularly know, I am firm believer in more research in the sciences of the global climate. It is important to understand, though, that scientists are people and generally have a position to defend or promote.

This particular study is interesting in that it re-confirms other studies that show an approximate 11 year cycle of climate change. This cycle is similar to the solar sunspot cycle however this does not mean that there is a causality here or is this simply a correlation. The author then adds to the argument by referencing another popular theory of cosmic radiation.


Sun’s Direct Role in Global Warming May Be Underestimated, Duke Physicists Report

Duke University – September 30, 2005

This is a fairly old report but it is important since it points out that global climate models still need to be updated to reflect the changes in solar activity. Many of the studies and predictions of climate models that we read about are based on models that are fairly old (some have been around for decades). This article points out that these models need to be re-examined.

At least 10 to 30 percent of global warming measured during the past two decades may be due to increased solar output rather than factors such as increased heat-absorbing carbon dioxide gas released by various human activities, two Duke University physicists report.