Cars By The Numbers

Environmental Defense – March 20, 2007

This is an easy article since it should have no controversy.  It is simply a list of statistics regarding automobiles.  Since many people think that we should cut back on auto emissions to reverse global warming, this should be an interesting read.

  • 232 million – Number of registered vehicles in the U.S.
  • 600 gallons – Average amount of gasoline consumed by one U.S. car each year.
  • 12,000 pounds – Amount of carbon dioxide emitted from one U.S. car each year.
  • 240 – Number of trees needed to absorb the 12,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emitted from one U.S. car each year.



NOAA Magazine – March 21, 2007

This is fantastic.  NOAA has released a new diagnostic tool that will monitor the changes in atmospheric carbon dioxide and other atmospheric gases by region and by source.  This will allow users to understand the pollution that is being put into the environment.

In the above image “negative fluxes (blue regions) indicate places where uptake of CO2 occurs. Positive fluxes (red colors) indicate places where emissions of CO2 occurs. The figures include biological and fire fluxes, no fossil fuels.”

The online data framework distinguishes between changes in the natural carbon cycle and those occurring in human-produced fossil fuel emissions. It also provides verification for scientists using computer models to project future climate change.


The Carbon Cycle

BBC News

I often refer to the Carbon Cycle but it occurs to me that many of my readers may not know what that is. Here is an easy pictorial overview of the cycle.

You can read the accompanying text of this image here.

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Is global warming solar induced?

Bad Astronomy – April 29, 2007

A very well written blog article discussing some the information on global warming and the possibility of it being caused by the sun.  I do not know enough about the chemistry of other planetary bodies to ascertain if the author’s comments are correct but he does an excellent job of walking through other planets and moons and discussing their apparent changes in temperature.  I strongly suggest my readers to click through and read the article.

There is some news making the rounds that Earth is not the only planet experiencing global warming. Mars, for example, possibly appears to be getting a bit warmer, as are Jupiter, Neptune’s moon Triton, and even Pluto.


Delta carbon offset program to take flight

Atlanta Business Chronicle – April 18, 2007

When I fly on business or personal I am most likely to take Delta, so this article is particularly interesting to me.  I am not sure if other airlines are doing similar measures (the article implies they are the first). I think it is interesting for a company that is still in bankruptcy to undertake this. The obvious question comes to mind – does this help?  Does 47,000 new trees – do they help?  Or is this the clever work of a great PR department?

Delta Air Lines Inc. has joined with environmental organization The Conservation Fund to become the first U.S. airline to let customers buy carbon offsets to counteract emissions from air travel.