California-Sized Area of Ice Melts in Antarctica

LiveScience – May 15, 2007

This is a news report about recent melting of ice in Antarctica.  The article does not make claims of the cause of the warming that melted this ice but does discuss the potential ramifications of the ice melt.

Warm temperatures melted an area of western Antarctica that adds up to the size of California in January 2005, scientists report.

Satellite data collected by the scientists between July 1999 and July 2005 showed clear signs that melting had occurred in multiple distinct regions, including far inland and at high latitudes and elevations, where melt had been considered unlikely.


Kyoto Destroying European Economy

Classical Values – May 13, 2007

This is an interesting analysis of the the problems in the EU due to their leadership (and lack of following) on the Kyoto Protocol.  While I am sure that many will blame the US for this problem, I actually feel that Presidents Clinton and Bush were wise in not pushing this adoption without the full participation of the 3rd world countries.

I also don’t blame the 3rd world countries for not adopting (or following) Kyoto since they are playing catch up to the industrialized world.  Why should their people starve because they were late to the party of industrializing their nation – something the European and North American countries had been doing since the mid to late 19th century.


U.S. Pushes G8 to Remove Climate-Change Goals From Agreement – May 17, 2007

This article discusses a draft copy of the statement that will be made on climate change at the upcoming “Group of Eight” meeting. All such announcements or statements are circulated among the member nations so that they can each make changes or modifications of the document. This draft is newsworthy because it has fallen in line with current US official policy on the matter and, for the most part, disagrees with the recommendations of the IPCC reports put out over the last few months.

The U.S. requested changes to a Group of Eight declaration on climate change that eliminate some targets for reducing greenhouse gases and delete language stressing the need for urgent action.


Remarks of Senator Barack Obama, 4/3/06

ThinkProgress – April 3, 2006

Earlier, I had an article on the thoughts of Sen. John McCain on the subject of global warming and climate change.  Here are some of the thoughts of Sen. Barack Obama.  I don’t pick these two gentlemen because of their beliefs or that I will vote for one of them.  Rather, I think it is important to read about the feelings of people that are our leaders and who want a greater role.  I promise that I will write about more of these people in the coming days.

Sen. Obama appears to want greater efforts given to conservation and the discovery/use of alternative fuels. He also appears to think that we are in the midst of a global warming crisis caused by man.


Algae explored as alternative source of fuel

Phoenix Bizjournals – May 11, 2007

I don’t want anyone to think that I am advocating a company as a stock investment. In full disclosure, I have no interest or relationship to the company described in this article. I do wish them well and I am excited about the prospects of their endeavor. I talk to companies every day as part of my professional life and typically urge them to focus on one success at time – this company does not appear to be following that advice.

This article is about a company that operates a dairy farm and a bio-refinery.  Their goal is to be completely self-contained, producing their own energy. I hope that they are successful since I firmly believe that we need to find alternative sources of energy to break the addiction to foreign sources of liquid and gaseous fuel.


Hansenís 1988 projections

RealClimate – May 15, 2007

RealClimate is a great site.  If you are not reading this site regularly, you should.  Their articles tend to be much more technical than what I put here on a daily basis and the frequent commentators in the comments tend to really know the science and chemistry behind the weather.  I know that a lot of professionals consider RealClimate to be part of their weekly reading regiment. That being said, I don’t always agree with everything that the editors post (what would be the fun in that).  They certainly have a theme and a message for their site and one should take that into perspective but since I encourage everyone to have an open mind on these very technical and critical matters, reading a well-written site like RealClimate is part of the process.


Lightning spurs hurricanes – May 11, 2007

Lately, it appears that almost every week we get new information regarding the formation of weather on our planet. This article pertains to scientists at Tel Aviv University and Open University in Israel have created a correlation and a theory between thunderstorms in Africa and the birth of hurricanes over the Atlantic Ocean. As you may remember, many people theorize that global warming is the root cause of a major hurricanes like Katrina that struck the Gulf Coast several months ago.


Brazil’s Urban Ants May Predict Reaction To Warming Trends

Wall Street Journal – April 27, 2007

Interesting article that discusses how ants have adapted to the heat caused by our large urban cities.  The study is important because it can compare insects that live in a city (where it is warmer) than in the rural parts of the country.  Insects can be gathered from both locations and tests can proceed giving a very stable comparative reference.  The IPCC is predicting mass extinctions due to the increase of global temperatures, this study suggests that our fellow inhabitants on this planet may be more resistant than some think.

It’s getting hotter in the human hive, and in some ant colonies, but the ants are learning to live with it.


How Does Biodiesel Affect U.S Energy Consumption?

Renewable Energy Access – May 8, 2007

There are a lot of good reasons to want to find alternative sources of liquid fuel.  I know that this site has a wide range of believers regarding global warming but it is likely that all can agree that the United States needs more sources of liquid fuel than our current supply that comes from nations that don’t like us but tend to like our money.


Biodiesel Jetta uses far less fossil fuels than a Prius, says university biodiesel group

AutoblogGreen – May 9, 2007

AutoblogGreen is a very well written blog and you should consider it in your regular reading. This particular article discusses a study by Univ. of New Hampshire that tried to determine the fuel footprint of a variety of vehicles that are generally considered to be fuel efficient.

The one thing that I think is missing in this analysis (and tends to be missing in many articles about hybrid vehicles) is the environmental cost of huge batteries. Many of these batteries contain metals that are not good for the environment and take energy and special care to build and to dispose of after their life is over.