White House unveils climate change strategy


Washington Post – May 31, 2007

You will probably read different versions of this article all over the newspapers in the next few days.  This was just announced so my comments on it will be minimal and I will simply relay the news. I am not sure that this announcement says too much except that politicians have agreed to talk about a subject that scientists are best left to talk about but I guess it is better to talk than not talk.

The White House unveiled a long-term strategy on climate change on Thursday, with plans to gather the countries that emit the most greenhouse gases and to cut tariff barriers to sharing environmental technology.

In negotiations before the summit, Washington rejected setting targets to reduce greenhouse gases, championed by other participants.

The plan calls for eliminating tariff barriers within six months, freeing up the distribution of new environmentally friendly technology, the official said.

You can read the entire article here.

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