Extreme Weather: Once Every… Well, Every Day Lately


The Huffington Post – May 10, 2007

This posting from Laurie David discusses the weather that certain parts of the US has seen lately and points out that it is extreme. Ms. David is careful not to say that these extremes are caused by global warming although she does criticize the President Bush went to Kansas to visit the damage by recent tornadoes there while not implementing weather changing laws.

Ms. David is a very powerful political force in the conversation regarding global warming but not necessarily a scientific force.  I would be very interested if she would do an analysis to see if these droughts, storms, and warmest days are unusual or if the press is just talking about it more. 

I didn’t take the time to do a full scale research project so I am not going to make any strong observations on this but I did look on the NOAA site and found that the highest recorded temperatures on each of the continents.  The most recent continental high was in 1974 and that was in Antarctica. North America set its record over 90 years ago in 1913 and Europe had their high over 120 years ago in 1881.  Maybe reading the weather page or watching the Weather Channel isn’t a good way to understand global warming (although it certainly helps Ms. David’s cause).

Extreme weather is becoming the norm. It’s all but taken up residence in the Top Story slot of our evening news shows. Pretty soon we’ll need another category: “extremely extreme weather.”

Global warming might not be directly linkable to every one of these events, but it certainly appears to be pumping our weather full of steroids and drying out our land. Just as predicted. As President Bush visits Kansas to view the aftermath of last week’s killer tornado, he could do much more for the country than just paying his respects to those who’ve lost everything. Extreme weather is wreaking havoc on our planet, and it’s high time our government got serious about solving global warming. If not, what will our newscasts look like in just two years? Keeping up with the soaring number of ‘State of Emergency’ declarations could become the full time job for our next president.

The link to Ms. David’s article is here.  You can also find a link to her organization conveniently on the bottom of her article.  The NOAA site that I referred to is here.

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