Senator says ‘global warming liberals’ threaten economy


One News Now – February 26, 2007

Senator Jim Inhofe, Republican, Oklahoma is a loud critic of global warming theories.  He has been criticized by his peers and the press, however, I will not do that.  Mr. Inhofe may not be correct and he may not have the science completely on his side but he is likely not 100% wrong.  If nothing else, he is a moderating influence on some very severe proposals that don’t make sense from the environmental side.

Both Democratic and Republican lawmakers on Capitol Hill recently told a panel of world leaders they are ready and eager to join the fight against human-caused climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. However, one U.S. senator says proponents of the global warming theory have “an obsession” with shutting down the American economy.

Senators John McCain and Joe Lieberman have introduced legislation that would place mandatory caps on carbon-dioxide emissions. However, some Senate Republicans, including Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, are vowing to do everything they can to make sure such a measure never becomes law.

Sen. Inhofe:  “It’s just amazing to me that all these global-warming liberals — and keep in mind their agenda is just to stop any kind of construction, any kind of electricity generation — come along and say that global warming is taking place.”

Inhofe, Senator Kit Bond of Missouri, and other global-warming skeptics in Congress argue that mandatory emissions caps would raise the cost of electricity for poor and middle-class families.

The Oklahoma Republican says he hopes people will understand that the global-warming issue has nothing to do with polar bears, nor with drilling, but rather has to do with economics and the politics of those pushing liberal global-warming “solutions.”

He believes mandatory emissions caps threaten the U.S. economy and would hurt many of the Americans who can least afford the increased fuel costs that would result.

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