Delta carbon offset program to take flight


Atlanta Business Chronicle – April 18, 2007

When I fly on business or personal I am most likely to take Delta, so this article is particularly interesting to me.  I am not sure if other airlines are doing similar measures (the article implies they are the first). I think it is interesting for a company that is still in bankruptcy to undertake this. The obvious question comes to mind – does this help?  Does 47,000 new trees – do they help?  Or is this the clever work of a great PR department?

Delta Air Lines Inc. has joined with environmental organization The Conservation Fund to become the first U.S. airline to let customers buy carbon offsets to counteract emissions from air travel.

Starting June 1, customers who buy a ticket online at can make a donation to The Conservation Fund. Contributions of $5.50 for a domestic roundtrip flight and $11 for an international roundtrip flight will be used by The Conservation Fund to plant trees in the United States and abroad.

A small portion of the donation will go toward The Conservation Fund’s education and outreach efforts

…and has promised to plant a tree for each of the airline’s 47,000 employees.

Jim Whitehurst, Delta chief operating officer. “In support of that, we are pleased to become the first and only U.S. carrier to offer a program that allows customers to help promote positive global environmental change through carbon offsets.”

You can read the original article here.

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