The Greening of Gingrich

Capital Briefs – April 10, 2007

This is an overview of a recent debate by Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House, and Senator John Kerry.  Senator Kerry has long held that global warming was caused by human activity but now Mr. Gingrich has announced that he feels the same way.  The majority of their debate then seemed to center on what to do next with Mr. Kerry purposing regulations and Mr. Gingrich proposing more of a free market approach with incentives for new technology.


Backreaction: Global Warming

Backreaction – April 8, 2007
Great blog article that everyone should read.  I won’t spend a lot of effort paraphrasing what the authors wrote.  I suggest that you just click through and read the article.

The present global warming debate is in my eyes very ironic. Initially, I was happy to see how fast the environmental consciousness has increased in the last some years, not only in the USA. See, all these points you find on the list like: cover your pots while cooking, take a shower instead of a bath, reuse your shopping bag, recycle your waste – this is what we were taught in Kindergarten1. When I moved to the USA I was shocked, honestly, to see how little people cared about their environment. Okay, Tuscon AZ might have been an extreme case. But folks, when you go shopping then shut off the engine of your car. And yes, better insulation in housing would significantly reduce AC and heating cost, paper can be recycled, etc, etc. Now what’s new about these insights?


Why So Gloomy?

MSNBC – Newsweek – April 16, 2007

I haven’t read the printed copy of Newsweek yet (my motto is: Save A Tree – Read Online) but I assume this article is in the April 16 issue. Great article! Click through and read the whole thing or go to the news stand and buy a copy.

Mr. Lindzen, a meteorologist from MIT that is not funded by energy companies, argues that there may be global warming but that it doesn’t amount to the catastrophe that we have associated with it. He points out that the models are lousy at explaining what is really going on now let alone what will happen in the future. He also points out that we are coming out of an ice age which means that the temperature is going to go up.


Questions for Al Gore

The Patriot Post – May 25, 2006

This article is an open letter to Mr. Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States.  The letter is from Dr. Roy Spencer, a climate scientist who has evidently testified to Congress in the past and it appears has addressed Mr. Gore in testimony. Dr. Roy’s credentials are listed at the end of the original article and they are quite impressive.  Dr. Roy compliments Mr. Gore on a job well done on the presenting of the “global warming theory” but then goes on to question some of the items of “The Inconvenient Truth” movie.


Forecaster Blasts Gore on Global Warming – April 7, 2007

This is actually an AP story that was run by myway.  In this story, a top hurricane forecaster has called the former Vice President of the US “a gross alarmist”.  While I am not qualified to make a such a strong statement, I do think that this is evidence of my position.  My position is that we don’t know.  When top scientists such as Dr. Gray have such an obviously different opinion than other top scientists, then we don’t have a consensus.  If we do not have a consensus then the politicians shouldn’t get involved.  Instead, let’s spend time and effort at figuring this out.


Getting All Hot About Global Warming

In the News – April 6, 2007

Great blog article that lists references for both sides of the global warming argument.  This is fantastic.  Everyone should read this and follow the links if you are interested in reading both sides of this complicated issue.  I will summarize the references but make sure that you click through and find the complete reference.

My only complaint about this list is that it didn’t include this blog: as I think we are extremely balanced in our study of this issue.

The Alarmists:

  1. An Inconvenient Truth
  2. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
  3. US Global Change Research Program.
  4. RealClimate
  5. Friends of the Earth International.


Seeking a car that gets 100 miles a gallon – April 1, 2007

This is related to global warming only in that most people that believe that humans are causing global warming blame our automobile pollution as the prime culprit. In this article, the X Prize Foundation is offering prize for the first automobile that is commercially viable that can travel 100 miles on a gallon of gasoline. This is a great effort, not only for the global warming issue but, more importantly, the reduction of harmful pollutants and the reduction on the US economy reliance on oil as a form of liquid fuel.

The same group that awarded $10 million to a team that built the first private spacecraft to leave the Earth’s atmosphere is expected on Monday to announce the rules for its automotive competition.


Global Warming Blamed for Cooties in Japan and Hornets in France

NewsBusters – February 21, 2007

Another article to file in the Ridiculous category.  At least the blog referenced here makes fun of this as well.  The blog article describes that some people in Japan and France believe that an increase in head lice (Japan) and hornets (France) is the work of global climate change.  As has been described elsewhere on this blog ( the proposed warming by CO2 is the equivalent of moving 50 miles closer to the equator.  So call your co-worker that lives on the south side of town and ask him how bad the hornets and head lice are so that you can prepare adequately for the future.


EdGCM Educational Global Climate Modeling

Unfortunately, I was not able to load this software when I first tried.  My internet connection was not up to the task.  However, I wanted to let my readers know about this tool that promises to be very educational. 

One of the big challenges of climate science is the model that is used to predict the future.  Essentially, scientists must take a small amount of historical data and then predict what is going to happen in the future to accomplish a scenario that has never happened in the past.  This is extremely difficult and is subject to extreme interpretation.


A Resonating Rebuke Over Greenhouse Gases

The news is rampant this morning regarding the Supreme Court decision yesterday that carbon dioxide is a substance that can be regulated by the EPA.

This is a verbatim repeat of an article this morning in the WSJ Online morning newsletter.  This is the first time I have ever reproduced an article on this blog and I am only doing it because few of you (perhaps none) will be able to access the complete article.  I suggest that you go to to subscribe so that you can read this article from the original source.