Science Now – Fall 1999

Yes, I realize this is an old article.  I am posting it here not because it is news but because it is well written regarding climate models.  We need good climate models in order to predict the future of our planet and the weather that surrounds it.  Take a minute to read the below excerpts and then jump to the article and read the rest.  It is worth your time if you are interested in this subject.

The first part of the article discusses how climate models work.  This is especially worth your time.


Brazilians Blame U.S. for Global Warming

Angus Reid Global Monitor – April 17, 2007

This article contains a poll on who Brazilians believe is to blame for global warming.  Guess what – it is the fault of the US.  This is unfortunate since most studies point to the massive increase in commercialization in Asia as the huge problem.  Yes, the US is a large producer of CO2 but much of the nation is a large carbon sink.  The Brazilians do have the right to point fingers though since they are such a huge user of ethanol.  The rest of the world should follow their example, if not for climate change issues but also for geopolitical reasons. 


Ethanol Push Adds to Forces Lifting Food Costs – April 16, 2007

Interesting article about the affect of the increase in ethanol on the price of corn and pressure on food uses of corn. This was an obvious repercussion of the desire to move away from foreign oil sources for liquid fuel. While this push may be due to fears of global warming, it is convenient that it serves the goals of eliminating oil as a part of the geopolitical strength of portions of the world. 

It is unfortunate that the US is not adequately prepared for this rush of demand.  I hope that this price pressure does not significantly impact the poor and their desire to get adequate food and nutrients.


What Kind of World Do You Want

This is a slight departure from my usual posts as I am not reviewing an existing article. In this case, I want to publicize a video that several children from my local school system put out. The video is based on the challenge by the pop group, Five For Fighting, and is based on their single “World”. The challenge was to create videos that show what the world should be. The children in one of the 5th grade classes did a very imaginative and cute video and I encourage all of you to watch the video. Please watch the entire video because, evidently, the donation does not occur unless you finish the video.


Global Warming Outlook Far from Alarming

The Heartland Institute – May 2007

This is a very good article.  I will not be able to adequately capture all of its observations adequately.  Please click through and read the entire article.  The author, the past president of the American Association of State Climatologists, takes many of the points of the Oscar-winning file “An Inconvenient Truth” and analyzes them as to their scientific and mathematical accuracy.

I will reproduce some of the highlights below.

From Hollywood to Capitol Hill, Al Goreís global warming horror movie An Inconvenient Truth is receiving a tremendous amount of attention this spring. It is a riveting work of science fiction.


Amid Fuel-Economy, Emissions Debate, GM’s Lutz Says Horsepower Still Sells

Wall Street Journal – April 9, 2007

Interesting article on the global warming problem. Can we change it if it is the fault of humans? I have read some extremists on the subject that say that we need to dramatically reduce the amount of CO2 that we put into the atmosphere. Some say that this decrease in carbon dioxide would need to be in the range of 50% in 5 years. The current proposals in Congress are more conservative – 4% increase in fuel economy per year for 10 years (which is about 34% in 10 years).


Junk Science: Canít See the Warming for the Trees – April 12, 2007

When I first read this article, I started laughing. Even now, as I write this post, I am really trying to hold back on my sarcasm in my comments. JunkScience is a blog type site that has developed a huge following.  The articles tend to be fairly well written and many of them are also published on  This article is very interesting in that it discusses a computer model that suggests forests north of 20 degrees lattitude in the Northern Hemisphere CAUSES climate change to the tune of 10 degrees F by the year 2100.  I guess I am confused – now climate change is caused by trees?



Friends of Science

There is no date on this site so I can’t reference when this was written.  This is great little article in Question / Answer format (or in this case Myth / Fact).  I have heard many of these statements before but it is good to read them on one site for evaluation.  The Friends of Science site is fairly critical of the concept of global warming and in some cases I think their answers and articles could be slightly more balanced.  Definitely an article worth spending some time on.

I have included all of the Myth statements below but have intentionally edited for brevity the Fact statement.  Click through to get the whole article.


Making Sense Of The Global Warming Debate

Policy Wise – February 25, 2007

This is a very well written blog entry and I recommend everyone clicking through and reading it.  The author does an excellent job of summarizing the issues.  It is a complicated problem without definitive science.  The solutions are extremely hard to implement (if they are even possible at all) and there needs to be a cost/benefit analysis on this.  I haven’t seen the source for the referenced 1 million displaced people due to climate change but if that is the case, should we do anything?  It is also not realistic for the affluent West to dictate to the poorer countries what they have to do simply because they started down the modernization path later than we started.


Bill ties climate to national security

The Boston Globe – April 9, 2007

I guess this makes sense. If we assume that massive global climate change is going to happen then we have to assume that the world is on the verge of massive changes.  Nations will crumble.  People will be displaced.  If this is the case, it is logical that the intelligence agencies of the world should analyze what will happen to develop scenarios in how to deal with it. 

My biggest concern right now is that these are the same agencies that said there were weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.  Should we trust them?