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Celebrating Earth Day: Fight Global Warming ‘The PC Way’ With Al Gore

The National Ledger – April 29, 2007

Its the weekend as I write this.  We all need a laugh every once in awhile – even at a serious site like this.  This is a satire column with a top ten list that supposedly is written by an Al Gore affiliated organization (it’s not of course – that is the satire part).  I am only including a little of most of the comments on each of the items. Make sure you click through and read the rest – editorializing humor sometimes ruins it.

In order to commemorate Earth Day with the appropriate PC spirit and chutzpah, the “Al Gore Institute for Saving Earth by Ending Global Warming and Electing Al President” has sanctioned a list of ten ways to celebrate Earth Day. Mind you, these are not mandatory, provided one can prove a disabling handicap or mental disorder and is a properly registered Democrat!

  1. Take a friend to see An Inconvenient Truth.
  2. Discretely fertilize your neighbor’s expensive manicured lawn with a special anti-power lawnmower spray invented by Al Gore.
  3. Take two friends to see An Inconvenient Truth.
  4. Invest in a carbon exchange corporation that is committed to ending global warming, while making obscene profits seem patriotic and “green.”
  5. Take three friends to see An Inconvenient Truth.
  6. Help Al and friends develop an “Enemies of Earth” database for use on future global warming activism projects, and for Al’s next run for president.
  7. Take four friends to see An Inconvenient Truth.
  8. Volunteer for the “Pulitzer Prize for Al Gore” campaign.
  9. Take five friends to see An Inconvenient Truth
  10. attack global warming head on by surrendering all motor vehicles to the “Al Gore Institute for Saving Earth by Ending Global Warming.”

The prose is much better in the original column so I am including the link here.

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