Impact of global warming looms on the horizon


Fairbanks Daily News Miner – April 22, 2007

Very interesting article written by an atmospheric scientist that is calling for greater effort and emphasis on climate modeling.  He states that there is not enough evidence to come to a conclusion on climate change.  As my long time readers know, this is essentially my opinion as well.

In the 1970s as a young scientist at the Geophysical Institute I wrote passionate letters complaining that for the first time in the geologic era man was changing the atmosphere of the planet. I argued that continued dumping of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere would be associated with a warming of the entire Earth and pled for attention to this matter. The letters were ignored.

Things have changed. Global warming is now being noted, and I in the meantime have become a little skeptical about some of the claims being put forth. I’m skeptical despite the fact that “everybody knows that the science is in.” The science isn’t even close to being in.

A significantly large fraction of the science being done on global climate change is perhaps not wrong, but not enough, a little na?ve, repetitive and incorporating only a fraction of the complexity required to base policy on. Though we scientists don’t advertise it much, science is often muddled when it is working on difficult new problems and most especially when the problems start to become political. And the issue of global warming has become massively political. Special interests abound. Try getting funding while being a skeptic.

Now we understand that arctic haze is the largest contamination cloud on the planet, so large it could be noticed from Mars. It also has a larger impact on arctic climate than carbon dioxide.

There is much more in climate science that we simply do not understand. Believe it or not, nobody has any sustainable theory, other than a few clues, about the causes of the ice ages. They are resonant with some of the orbital movements of the planets, but only roughly so and other things are going on that cause and end these spectacular events. We do not know.

The interest in “global warming” might yet prove to be a good cause if its end result is promoting conservation and better stewardsmanship of this gorgeous planet.

You can read the actual article here.

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