The truth about global warming


Halfway There – April 20, 2007

This is a very well written blog entry and I encourage you to go to the source article since I am sure that I cannot do it justice.  There was a broadcast of “The Coral Ridge Hour” that the author has recorded and transcribed.  He then took the transcription of the conversation of several weather scientists, paraphrased some of the comments and added his own pithy comments and editorials.

As you’ll see, even extremists like the good folks affiliated with Dr. Kennedy have abandoned any pretense of pretending that global warming is not occurring. They concentrate their fire instead on the notion that human activity has anything to do with it. The supposed experts in the program also suggest that global warming might be good for us.

Global warming is a popular phenomenon now because of the expressions of disaster that tend to come along with the story. And if you can show a story that has big icebergs falling off and drought and deaths or thousands of animals and so on, well, that’s going to get the media’s attention certainly—and people’s attention.

Once you understand that the temperature is rising, the question is, well, why, and that is where a number of issues come to bear—and opinions—because we cannot know for certain.

Sunlight comes in and warms the earth, but what most people don’t realize is that, for all of that sunlight coming in, there has to be an equal amount of infrared heat energy going back out into outer space. Now the climate modelers claim that there’s this fragile balance between the incoming sunlight and the outgoing infrared, and that when we add the CO2, we’re upsetting that delicate balance.

They make it sound like it’s the radiation balance that determines what the temperature of the earth is, but I think that’s the wrong way to look at it. I think that it’s the sunlight coming in that determines how warm things are going to get. Weather creates a greenhouse effect—which is mostly water vapor and clouds—and, in other words, the weather has control over the greenhouse effect. And, if we add CO2, I think the weather is going to change slightly in order to reduce the warming from that extra CO2.

The bottom line is that, contrary to popular reports, not all scientists agree that global warming is man-made.

Now you’ll hear that there’s a consensus of scientists that believe this. It turns out that there are very few scientists who know enough about the whole problem to actually be able to cast judgment on this. So if you hear that a thousand scientists agree that global warming is due to mankind, chances are only ten of that thousand actually know enough about the problem to cast any judgment on the issue at all.

As far as Al Gore’s movie goes, An Inconvenient Truth, I think there was a lot of misrepresentation and half-truths in that movie. He showed a lot of dramatic footage of different things going on, you know, ice crashing off of glaciers into the ocean and droughts and floods and, of course, what he didn’t mention was everything he showed in the movie happens naturally.

You know, in science, as Lord Kelvin said, “All science is numbers.” And so, when I hear people talk about polar bears, I say, “Well, let’s be scientific about them. Let’s actually count the polar bears.” And it turns out the polar bear population has grown by a factor of over three in the last forty years.

We have at least one million Africans dying each year because of lack of access to electricity. We have Africans dying by the hundreds of thousands, mostly children, because we’ve got poor people burning wood and dung in huts, which cause respiratory illnesses, which kill mostly children. Meanwhile, these people can’t have electricity because environmentalists that don’t even live in Africa put pressure on their governments and don’t let them build hydroelectric dams that could give them electricity and save their lives. So basically what’s happening is we are sacrificing the poor at the altar of radical environmentalism.

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  1. Zeno says:

    One small observation: I don’t concede that The Coral Ridge Hour interviewed “several weather scientists”. They managed to find two actual scientists, both at the University of Alabama. The other prominently featured speakers were a theologian and a preacher. Pretty thin credentials!

    I wrote the first paragraph cited in your excerpt. The others are word-for-word transcriptions from the program.

    Thanks for the kind words!

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