Brazilians Blame U.S. for Global Warming


Angus Reid Global Monitor – April 17, 2007

This article contains a poll on who Brazilians believe is to blame for global warming.  Guess what – it is the fault of the US.  This is unfortunate since most studies point to the massive increase in commercialization in Asia as the huge problem.  Yes, the US is a large producer of CO2 but much of the nation is a large carbon sink.  The Brazilians do have the right to point fingers though since they are such a huge user of ethanol.  The rest of the world should follow their example, if not for climate change issues but also for geopolitical reasons. 

Many adults in Brazil tend to censure a single country for climate change, according to a poll by Instituto Sensus. 35.9 per cent of respondents think the United States bears the most responsibility for global warming, while 34.7 per cent think everyone is liable.

In your view, which of these entities bears the most responsibility for global warming?

United States – 35.9%

Everyone – 34.7%

Brazil – 8.2%

China – 4.4%

Japan – 1.9%

European Union – 1.1%

India – 0.4%

Russia – 0.4%

Other – 2.3%

Not sure – 10.6%

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