Questions for Al Gore


The Patriot Post – May 25, 2006

This article is an open letter to Mr. Al Gore, former Vice President of the United States.  The letter is from Dr. Roy Spencer, a climate scientist who has evidently testified to Congress in the past and it appears has addressed Mr. Gore in testimony. Dr. Roy’s credentials are listed at the end of the original article and they are quite impressive.  Dr. Roy compliments Mr. Gore on a job well done on the presenting of the “global warming theory” but then goes on to question some of the items of “The Inconvenient Truth” movie.

1) Why did you make it look like hurricanes, tornadoes, wildfires, floods, droughts, and ice calving off of glaciers and falling into the ocean, are only recent phenomena associated with global warming? You surely know that hurricane experts have been warning congress for many years that the natural cycle in hurricanes would return some day, and that our built-up coastlines were ripe for a disaster (like Katrina, which you highlighted in the movie).

2) Why did you make it sound like all scientists agree that climate change is manmade and not natural?

3) I know you still must feel bad about the last presidential election being stolen from you, but why did you have to make fun of Republican presidents (Reagan; both Bushes) for their views on global warming?

4) Your presentation showing the past 650,000 years of atmospheric temperature and carbon dioxide reconstructions from ice cores was very effective. …some scientists view the CO2 increases as the result of, rather than the cause of, past temperature increases.

5) When you recounted your 6-year-old son’s tragic accident that nearly killed him, I thought that you were going to make the point that, if you had lived in a poor country like China or India, your son would have probably died. … I’m confused…do you really want us to live like the poor people in India and China?

7) Why did you make it sound like simply signing on to the Kyoto Protocol to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions would be such a big step forward, when we already know it will have no measurable effect on global temperatures anyway?

8) At the end of the movie, you made it sound like we can mostly fix the global warming problem by conserving energy… you even claimed we can reduce our carbon emissions to zero. But I’m sure you know that this will only be possible with major technological advancements, including a probable return to nuclear power as an energy source. Why did you not mention this need for technological advancement and nuclear power? It is because that would support the current (Republican) Administration’s view?

Mr. Gore, I think we can both agree that if it was relatively easy for mankind to stop emitting so much carbon dioxide, that we should do so.

I agree with you that global warming is indeed a “moral issue,” and if we are to avoid doing more harm than good with misguided governmental policies, we will need more politicians to be educated on the issue.

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