Is butterfly evidence of global warming?


News Shopper – February 25, 2007

I post this article, not because I think it is correct, but rather as an indication that that once a premise is started it is easy to find empirical evidence that appears relevant but is not.  Science should teach us to disregard aberrations and focus only on reliable and repeatable trends.  Finding a butterfly is not relevant.  Noticing that it was warm yesterday (or cold) is not relevant.  Rather, we need to not look at these outliers and focus on hard and repeatable facts.  Otherwise, we will not be able to make intelligent decisions.  Mark this “Ridiculous”

An out-of-season butterfly could be evidence of global warming, according to one resident.

Monika D’Agate, 38, spotted the insect, thought to be a Red Admiral, basking on her car last week, as she left the Leisure Centre, in Avenue Road, Erith.

The driving instructor added: “Is this global warming?

Have you seen any out-of-season insects or animals?  Do you think this is evidence of global warming?

You can read this foolish waste of electronic bits here.

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