An Ice Age versus Global Warming


The American Daily – February 25, 2007

This is more commentary than fact however the author raises some interesting points.  It is worthwhile for the average reader to spend a few minutes thinking about these points.  I rarely like the argument “common sense” since it is rare for people to agree with this logic, however it is still worthwhile to think through the conclusions made in the article.

2080 is a mere 73 years from now. In meteorological terms, it is a blink of the eye. Real climatologists measure time far differently than the rest of us. While the IPCC, Al Gore, and the other fear mongers are warning of the horrors of Global Warming, it is useful to look at the time scales. The end of the last Ice Age was 11,500 ago.

It is also useful to keep in mind that the known cycle of time between Ice Ages is about 11,500 years. If you believe the fear mongers, in less than the lifetime of the average American, coastal cities will be under water. If the Ice Age cycle holds true, however, at some point it is far more likely that they will be under a thick sheet of ice.

The notion that humans can prevent either is so absurd as to defy belief, but it clearly doesn’t defy belief because millions have been convinced it can be done.

The real agenda of Global Warming is political and economic. The IPCC’s predictions are intended to stampede the legislation of vast restrictions on all use of energy. It is energy and “labor saving devices” that have transformed what we regard as the modern world. Take away electricity and we are all instantly transported back to the days when the Declaration of Independence was written by candlelight.

For example, there was a Little Ice Age that Wikipedia says occurred “approximately the 16th to the mid-19th centuries, while others suggest a span from the 13th to the 17th centuries. It is generally agreed that there were three minima, beginning about 1650, about 1770, and 1850, each separated by slight warming intervals.”

Now apply a bit of common sense. If the last mini-ice age ended in 1950, does it not follow that the Earth has warmed since then? Yes, it has. Climate scientists agree it has warmed about one degree Fahrenheit. Is this cause for panic? No. Should we cease using oil, natural gas and coal? No.

For those with the wits to examine the history and science of climate, it is obvious that the Global Warmers are seeking to deceive whole nations and continents into the destruction of a thriving period of world trade and relative peace we call globalization.

You can read the full article here.

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