Homer ready to fish, but frozen harbor won’t cooperate


Anchorage Daily News – March 16, 2007

This is a series of 2 posts that will be posted today. The two posts are polar opposites (sorry – couldn’t resist the pun). The one article will discuss how cold it is in one municipality and the other article will discuss how hot it is in another. I am doing this to prove a point – there is no conclusion to be made by looking at the local weather! A common argument by both sides is to point out these extremes. This argument is pointless. If global warming is upon us we will still have record lows. If, instead, we are in an ice age, we would still record record highs in parts of the world. Climate is bigger than the local weather of a city or state. It is longer than a day, week, or even a season. Don’t be confused by these pointless anecdotes.

If you want to read the record warmer article then please go here.


A frozen harbor is nothing new around Homer. In fact, Homer Harbormaster Steve Dean said it’s actually fairly normal. The difference this year, however, is how late the ice is sticking around.

Its a little later in the year for ice to be socked in the harbor. It usually happens sometime in December or January.

And for those looking for a reprieve from the imprisoning ice, National Weather Service warning coordination meteorologist Sam Albanese with the Anchorage office has some bad news: The low temperatures should last for days more.

Still, after 20 years of forecasting in Alaska, Albanese said the one thing he has learned is that the weather here just runs in extremes.

As Alaskans continue to endure frigid weather and blustery wind, March is headed to being one of the coldest on record, weather experts say.

If the cold hangs on, this year could beat 1956 as Anchorage’s coldest. Wednesday and Thursday had average temperatures of about 5 degrees. Here are some weather facts and a look at how the cold is affecting life in Homer.

Anchorage hasn’t recorded a temperature above freezing since Feb. 3.

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