Global warming splits conservatives


Gristmill – March 5, 2007

This is a political commentary on conservatives and conservation.  The author makes the correlation that conservatism is the same as preventing global warming.  The author also claims that conservatives that do not support the current theories of climate change are in violation of many of their basic principles.  This is probably not true.  Most conservatives are, by nature, cautious about change that is not proven and therefore their behavior could be perfectly logical. 

…but the best-known conservatives continue to doubt the science of global warming, attack those who would act to reduce emissions, and deride those concerned by the threat to the planet.

In recent weeks, a few brave voices on the right have challenged the movement’s aversion to environmental action. One has even rediscovered the root connection between the word “conservative” and the concept of “conservation.”

Is it just me, or are the stakes so high and so consequential that those who arrogantly sneer at pleas for action on global warming now appear slightly insane?

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1 thought on “Global warming splits conservatives”

  1. Angela says:

    One of the major obstacles to environmentally responsible behaviour amongst people from the United States lies in its partisan political system. At some point, someone asserted that sustainable energy was the jurisdiction of “liberals” and the status quo the territory of “conservatives”. What purpose can this possibly serve? And what kind of situation does this put the scientific community in, whether they are looking at climate issues or working on energy initiatives? Cleaner, more secure energy should be the concern of the government, regardless of party lines, and many are starting to realize this.

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