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Nations launch polar climate study

CNN – February 28, 2007

This is great news.  In my opinion, this is exactly what is need: a broad scientific study on global warming.  My hope, of course, is that fact, data, and scientific methodology will win out over opinion and belief.

More than 60 nations launch the broadest scientific investigation yet of the Arctic and Antarctic on Thursday to chart polar regions on the front lines of global warming.

…about 50,000 people will be involved in 228 projects such as studying marine life in the Antarctic, mapping how winds carry pollutants to the Arctic, or examining the health of people, polar bears or penguins.

Arctic temperatures are rising fast, apparently because water or ground, once exposed, soak up far more heat from the sun than ice or snow. Antarctica is staying cooler, with its far bigger volume of ice acting as a deep freeze.

They projected that sea levels could rise by 18 to 59 cm (7.1 to 23.2 inches) by 2100, by when Arctic sea ice may disappear in summers.

Read the article here.

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2 Responses to “Nations launch polar climate study”

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  2. your right about all the global warming things