Cold, hard science


Pittsburgh Tribune-Review – February 11, 2007

This is a great opinion column! It is a must read for anyone that still questions that humans are the cause of global warming. It is written as a 2 way conversation and I have had this exact conversation a dozen times. If you read the my dedication page you will find that I say almost this exact argument. As always, here are some excerpts but please click on the link below.

…the exact cause of the warming has not yet been proven. That is the unfortunate truth.Scientists are supposed to follow the scientific method. They come up with a hypothesis, then apply a rigorous, objective, measurable process to either prove or disprove it.

The key word is believe. Scientists aren’t supposed to believe. They’re supposed to prove or disprove.

…consensus is the business of politics, not science

When a thing is proven to be a scientific truth, there’s no need for consensus.

It is possible that humans are causing the Earth to warm. It’s also possible that it’s a natural cycle — the Earth is always warming and cooling.

Journalists should hold scientists to account. There is a lot of fiction out there masquerading as fact and we need our journalists to get and report the truth.

Some [politicians] are purposely clouding the issue to raise campaign dough and curry favor with some voters.

Read the column here.

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