Inuit Take Complaints to Washington


Celsias – February 12, 2007

This blog entry gives relevant news on the current plight of the Inuit regarding the potential destruction of their way of life by global warming. There is little science in this blog but an interesting spin on the events.

The Inuit, however, are not going to wait for politicians to come to them – but will bring the arctic to the politicians instead.

The Inuit have been jumping legal hurdles for a while now. Not only is global warming moving twice as fast in the arctic than it is in other parts of the world, but the intimacy between the Inuit and their natural surroundings means any changes has a direct and dramatic effect on their ability to continue their traditional way of life.

Up until now, the Inuit have been met with the defensive tactic of “maybe global warming is not man-made”, but, … this argument can no longer be brought to the table. The contribution of human activity to climate change is “no longer up to debate.”.

…will the Inuit finally get the overdue acknowledgement that we can’t just sit around and wait while their world literally melts away underneath their feet? After all, where’s the justice here? We’re the cause, but they suffer the effects. The old saying “you made the bed, you sleep in it” doesn’t apply in this instance – since we made the bed….

Read the blog entry here.

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