Expert disputes storms’ link to global warming


The Sun News – February 23, 2007

This is a very informative article that discusses the connection of hurricane frequency and strength to the warming of the climate. The most telling point of this article is that it is obvious that Chris Landsea of the National Hurrican Center does not believe that the two are linked (or at the very least the link is tenuous).

…perception [that global warming is causing increase in hurricanes] is wrong and the statistics don’t bear it out, Landsea told about 200 students and professors

“It’s not a trend, it’s a cycle: 20-45 years quiet, 20-45 years busy,” Landsea said. Scientists currently have no idea what causes the time period.

The 1,500 people who died in Katrina probably would have lived if they had evacuated, and that is the lesson for coastal residents, Landsea said.

The warming will make hurricanes “5 percent stronger 100 years from now,” he said. “We can’t measure it if it’s that small.”

One of the major reasons is the poor records from earlier years, he said. People know what hit land, but there aren’t always records available about storms that did not hit land. Not having those in the mix makes it appear that more are happening now

“An Inconvenient Truth,” the book by former Vice President Al Gore, also persuaded some people that global warming is contributing to hurricane frequency and strength, Landsea said. But facts that also refute the theory are that tropical storms are weakening and becoming less frequent in all oceans except the Atlantic, he said. If the storms were caused by global warming, they would be getting worse everywhere, he said.

You can read this article here.

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