Winemakers aren’t toasting global warming


Edmonton Sun – February 22, 2007

I need to put this article into “The Ridiculous” category. I almost couldn’t stop laughing when I read it. The author says that if the average world temperature increase 3-4 degrees Celsius, there will be a major shift in where grapes are raised.

First, I know of no study that is concerned with this dramatic level of increase in the next 100 years. Also, while I am sure that Italy would be bothered by this, wouldn’t the more northen latitudes welcome this change?

A study by Florence University linking the effects of rain and temperature to wine production found that increasingly high temperatures and intense rains are likely to threaten the quality of Tuscan wines. Italy’s farmers’ association warned the cultivation of olive trees, which grow in a mild climate, has almost reached the Alps

Even if temperatures go up three or four degrees Celsius it will be a big problem

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