Fever claim on global warming


Herald Sun – February 22, 2007

I have a problem with this one. This article claims that global warming causes fevers in children! While I am sure that when it is warmer outside, children are more likely to overheat but remember that most experts say that the earth has only increased 0.6 deg C in the last century. It varies more than that during the course of an hour in the US midwest where I live! I really try to have an open mind on global warming because the science is really not well researched yet BUT GIVE ME A BREAK!

I find this to be a perfect case of 2 unrelated findings being related together because it makes good press or someone has a hidden agenda.

The two-year study at a major children’s hospital showed that for every five-degree rise in temperature two more children under six years old were admitted with fever to that hospital.

The University of Sydney research is the first to make a solid link between climate changes and childhood illness.

And now global warming is becoming more apparent, it is highly likely an increasing number of young children will be turning up at hospital departments with these kinds of common illnesses

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2 thoughts on “Fever claim on global warming”

  1. The Man says:

    You have got to be kidding. This is terrible reporting!

    Evidence suggests that there is less variation in the earth’s temperature if global warming really does occur. Therefore there is less likelihood of rapid swings of temperature that children have a hard time dealing with. Therefore, global warming would be good for the health of our children!

  2. Jim Clarke says:

    Think about it! The proposed warming from increasing CO2 is similar to moving about 50 miles closer to the equator! The difference in temperature is one tenth the diurnal (daily) temperature swing and about one fiftieth the usual annual temperature variations in the mid-latitudes.

    Certainly if there is any truth to this, most families would be risking the lives of their children by taking them to Disney World!

    This one is beyond silly and has an air of desperation about it!

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