Too many variables in global warming, speakers say


The Tribune – February 21, 2007

This is a quick article that resulted from an interview with William Cotton and Dennis Ojima as they spoke at the 16th Annual Colorado Agricultural Outlook Forum at the Double Tree Hotel in Denver.  There are not a lot of hard facts in this article but instead some very interesting observations, which as the title implies, we really don’t know the cause of the recent increase in temperatures globally.

Cotton said a growing population worldwide has had its effect on the climate, but said there is some data that indicates there was a period in the 1400s that was as warm or warmer than it is at present.

…there are others who predict we are going into another ice age in the next 5,000 years,” Cotton said. All that, he said, points to the variables where scientists are lacking in data.

Some of the things not used in global warming models that … should be used include water vapor, volcanic activity, solar variations, dust and clouds.

You can read the article here.

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